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Driving or Biking Tour

After Topaz closed in 1945, the government sold the land, water rights, utility poles, water pipes, and the buildings on the site. Half of a barrack sold for $250. Half of a hospital wing sold for $500. The buildings were purchased and moved to locations all over the state of Utah. This tour includes some of the barracks and hospital wings that were moved from Topaz to Delta and then remodeled, as well as other points of interest that featured the history of Topaz.


Concrete Marker

118 West Main Street

This concrete marker was erected in Delta's City Park in 1976. Unfortunately, the closing date should read 1945, not 1946.


Delta Railroad Depot

340 N 340 W

Location of Delta railroad depot. (The depot was demolished, but the foundation remains.)


Palomar Community Center

295 W 200 N

Palomar community center was the site for Topaz Talent shows.


Corner Home

195 N 300 W

The corner house was part of the hospital and later remodeled into a home.


Hospital House

350 W 200 N

This house was also once part of the hospital.


Another hospital home

192 N 400 W

Another part of the hospital.


Partial Barrack

170 N 400 W

A partial barrack with two doors. A full barrack was 20 x 120 feet with three entries.


Hospital Building

111 N 400 W

The center part of this house was part of the hospital.


Tiny Barrack House

375 W 100 S

This tiny remodeled house was part of a barrack.



350 W 100 S

Dean's was originally part of the Topaz hospital, then was used as an Odd Fellows hall, an American Legion meeting place and now a thrift shop.


Delta Hospital Location

220 S 200 W

The lot between the house and the fence marks the spot of the Delta hospital, which could only accommodate 11 people. The hospital has been demolished.


Small Barrack House

363 S 200 W

This small house was also part of a barrack. Half of a barrack sold for $250 when the government closed the camp.


Remodeled Barrack House

90 W 300 S

The corner house was part of a barrack that has been remodeled.


Remodeled Barrack House

140 W 200 S

A section of this house was part of a barrack.



132 S 100 W

This barrack has retained two of the original three doors.


Food Bank

160 W 100 S

The Food Bank was a barrack that has been remodeled.


Delta High Talent Exchange

60 N 100 W

Delta's high school during the war was on the east side of the city park. Talent exchanges brought big casts from Topaz to Delta audiences.


Mess Hall

650 N 100 W

One of the few mess halls left in the area is located in the north side of Delta. Follow 100 West north to Shepherd Lane then turn onto 700 North. You will be able to see the structure from your car.