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"What shall I plant?" by Thomas Ryosaku Matsuoka Hashimoto "Watching over camp" by Charles Erabu Suiko Mikami "Mt. Swasey and Moonlight" by Charles Erabu Suiko Mikami "Mother and Children -- Crying Baby" by Mine Okubo "Western Mountains" by Charles Erabu Suiko Mikami One of a series of drawings Okubo did for her 1946 book, "Citizen 13660." "There were some trees on the south side of the race track" by Mine Okubo at Tanforan "The distant camp" 1942, Topaz by Chiura Obata: Obata's work as an artist and the director of the art school that was started in Tanforan and continued in Topaz. "Block 7" Topaz, by Setsu Nagata Kanehara "Where would we go?" 1944, Topaz by Thomas Ryosaku Matsuoka, who was born in Japan in 1886. He died in 1960 in California. Matsuoka graduated from the Imperial University in Hokkaido with a degree in agriculture and came to the United States to continue his education at a mid-western university. Recent immigrant farmers from Japan were having a difficult time in California. Matsuoka decided that he would help them rather than spend more time in school. "Early summer at Topaz" by Thomas Ryosaku Matsuoka Mr. Matsuoka studied agriculture in Japan at the Imperial University prior to immigrating. At Topaz he worked with the administrators who oversaw the farming operation.
Basket made at Topaz Brooch made from shells Flowers made from shells Initials "LC" Brooch Carved birds Monkeys carved from plum pits Place Card Wood plane made at Topaz Tamaki name plate
Guard tower footings Garden Garden Grafitti left by Topaz resident. After the war, Topaz buildings were sold to local residents who used them for storage and even homes. This mess hall was recently torn down. Topaz monument in detail. Topaz monument Looking northwest near the administration area. Scraps of wood and metal litter the site. Sheetrock Men from the Topaz co-op came into Delta for a banquet. Looking west towards Topaz Mountain.